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CompoSIDE - YACHTScant Modern Scantling Software for the design, analysis and automated reporting following ISO and GL guidelines of motor and sail boats with composite structures

CompoSIDE is delighted to introduce YACHTScant, the modern sail and motor boat scantling software with integrated materials database, laminate tools, 2D sections and 3D design and FEA capabilities including automated reporting for ISO and GL certification.

YACHTScant is a modern and user friendly scantling tool developed specifically for the design, analysis and development of motor and sailing boats with composite structures.

Included with YACHTScant are a range of generic and manufacturer specific materials and plies, fully characterised for every design need, users can select materials and create laminate tables, analyse properties and stability with extended Classical Lamination Theory.

Composite beams and composite panels can be created using geometry wizards to accelerate the design phase, or imported from existing CAD systems. Optimise the structures with integrated laminate tools and FEA solvers designed to solve simulations in a matter of minutes.

YACHTScant topology management capabilities include import of existing structures from common CAD system or by manual setup from excel. The vessel topology is maintained in the bill of materials and ISO and GL certification reports, providing a complete solution for naval architects and structural engineers alike.

Join us on Thursday 25th February at 2pm GMT for a live demonstration


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Naval architects

Structural Engineers

Boat Builders

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About the Author

Lorenzo Bossi - Sales & Marketing Manager at CompoSIDE

Lorenzo Bossi leads sales and marketing activities for CompoSIDE bringing to the market web-based composites engineering software for enhanced design and analysis processes, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Jon Evans - Application Engineer at CompoSIDE

Jon brings practical experience of manufacturing and repairing composite structures alongside his academic knowledge of high performance engineering to his role. Jon has vast expertise in the use of CompoSIDE, and his voice will be very familiar if you have visited our tutorials!