Pre-Processing Composites for FEA

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Pre-Processing Composites for FEA:
Dedicated Tools for Materials Data, Ply Generation & Laminate Analysis

Thursday 15th September 2016
2pm BST – 1PM GMT- 9am EDT

This webinar will focus on the key aspects of pre-processing composites data, such as materials data, ply generation and laminate analysis for design, analysis and optimization of composites parts and structures with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software.

Covering the main topics of materials selection, ply generation and laminate construction, we will show how CompoSIDE’s dedicated tools can support efficient analysis and optimization workflows. The webinar will present a number of efficient workflows, powered by CompoSIDE’s dedicated tools to composites applications and unique capabilities.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
• Perform an initial selection of composites materials to suit your project goals, targets and constraints
• Stack materials to build plies, calculate properties with integrated micro-mechanics
• Build and analyse laminates with Extended CLT (eCLT) capabilities
• Transfer materials, plies and laminates to your FEA model
• Apply rules and orientation sets to your existing CAD/FEA model to drive efficient pre-processing workflows
• Post-process your results with dedicated tools such as ply-to-ply visualisation
• Automatically calculate Bill of Materials with all products weights, surfaces and costs

The webinar will feature a live demonstration of how CompoSIDE addresses the above steps, either as a stand-alone product, or supporting external CAD/FEA tools such as Altair, Ansys or Nastran.

Join us on Thursday 15th September 2016
2pm BST / 1PM GMT / 9AM EDT

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