Materials data, plies and laminates for design and FEA of composites parts

Online Webinar

Materials data, plies and laminates for design and FEA of composites parts


Materials data, plies and laminates for design and FEA of composites parts

Live webinar: Thursday 26th May at 2 pm BST – 1 pm GMT – 9 am EDT

This webinar will focus on the key aspects of materials data, ply generation and laminate construction for the design and finite element analysis of composites parts and products.
Introducing the challenges of working with composites materials and the complexity associated to materials manufacturing processes selection, attendees will experience first-hand how pre-processing tasks for design of composite parts can be streamlined to higher efficiency workflows.

In this webinar you will learn how to:
– Perform an initial selection of composite materials and manufacturing processes to suit your project goals, targets and constraints
– Stack materials to build plies, calculate properties with integrated micro-mechanics
– Optimize your laminates to improve structural performance while reducing costs and weight
– Export the data to your preferred CAD and FEA system to perform advanced analysis
– The webinar will feature a live demonstration of how CompoSIDE addresses the above steps within a centralised platform and accessible environment to all engineers working with composite structures.

Join us on Thursday 26th May
2 pm BST – 1 pm GMT – 9 am EDT

Who Should Attend?
The webinar is aimed to structural engineering teams working with composites and looking to streamline the design and FEA tasks with composite specific pre-processing capabilities, including materials data, ply generation, laminate analysis and FEA calculations.

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About the Author

Lorenzo Bossi - Sales & Marketing Manager at CompoSIDE

Lorenzo Bossi leads sales and marketing activities for CompoSIDE bringing to the market web-based composites engineering software for enhanced design and analysis processes, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. 

Jon Evans - Application Engineer at CompoSIDE 

Jon brings practical experience of manufacturing and repairing composite structures alongside his academic knowledge of high performance engineering to his role.  Jon has vast expertise in the use of CompoSIDE, and his voice will be very familiar if you have visited our tutorials!