CMDB – Composite Materials Properties Library

Online Webinar

2pm – 3pm GMT, Tuesday 22nd March 2016

CompoSIDE's CMDB - Composite Materials Properties Database is an extensive library of composite materials and plies properties for design engineering of composite products.

The webinar will provide an overview to design with composite materials, introducing the key differences between homogeneous materials design, such as metals and plastics, and composite materials. We will cover aspects of materials selection, design processes and components testing procedures. Particular emphasis will be given to the notion of design allowables, while also practical costing elements for different types of testing procedures will be highlighted.

The concept of design allowables will be introduced in the webinar as a practical solution to use realistic material properties during the design process, limiting potentially costly materials and manufacturer dependences later in the production phase.

Finally, we will highlight the availability of materials data within CompoSIDE’s CMDB Materials Library, covering the composition and breakdown of the 1200+ materials and plies available.

The webinar is aimed at engineers within the industry working with composites, to provide a practical answer to questions related to composite materials selection and processes, while also considering availability of composite materials properties database.

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About the Author

Lorenzo Bossi - Sales and Marketing Manager - CompoSIDE Ltd.

Lorenzo leads sales and marketing activities for CompoSIDE bringing to the market web-based composites engineering software for enhanced design and analysis processes, leading to increased productivity and efficiency.

Jon Evans - Application Engineer - CompoSIDE Ltd.

Jon brings practical experience of manufacturing and repairing composite structures alongside his academic knowledge of high performance engineering to his role. Jon has vast expertise in the use of CompoSIDE, and his voice will be very familiar if you have visited our tutorials!