YACHTScant facilitates structural design of your motor boats and sailing yachts by centralising all the required information and automatically outputting clean and detailed reports ready for certification. Using this module, the scantling report according to ISO (ISO 12215-5:2008 Part 5) or DNV-GL (GL 2011 Guidelines for the Structural Design of Racing Yachts ≥24m) guidelines is automatically created saving days of engineering time. Additionally pressure override parameters extend the applicability of the module to other standards such as ISO multihulls.

YACHTScant vessel topology management is seamlessly integrated with CompoSIDE’s modules such as SECTIONSpace and FESpace, enabling additional 2D and 3D models to be defined freely within your vessel. Integration with the Bill of Materials module (BoMGen) allows automatic generation of bill of material with all quantities defined during the design. A scantling summary in HTML or PDF format with the desired level of detail can be generated using the templates library in REPORTSpace. YACHTScant also allows XLS exports of laminate tables showing the stack up properties and material tables showing material properties. This helps the creation of the engineering documentation saving a huge amount of time during the development of a composite application.

YACHTScant acts as a single reference point. A flexible, yet powerful definition of your vessel structures combining materials data and laminate definition, combined with automated reports that save time and costs for all the stakeholders in a project. The ease of updating a scantling report due to any material, laminate or design change makes this module unique and a must have for engineering, manufacturing and procurement departments dealing with vessels.

Benefits & Features

Benefits Features
  • A single reference point for all the stakeholders involved in your project.
  • Seamless data transfer across all project development stages eliminates data transfer errors.
  • Saves time, cost and minimizes the effort spent automatically generating scantling reports.
  • Improve collaboration across teams and departments with a centralised engineering platform.
  • Automated calculations decrease the chance of errors.
  • Auto update of scantling reports with the seamless integration with other CompoSIDE modules.
  • Guaranteed data consistency – A centralized database that helps in cascading the changes made across the project.
  • Improve collaboration across offices and locations with an accessible, web-based platform.
  • Benefit from the vessel topology management via Excel and CAD links to automate scantling design.
  • Improved Quality control through revision control and single data source.
  • Shorten yacht design cycle by reusing your previous projects by simple project or product duplication.
  • Automated scantling report generation.
  • ISO and DNV-GL guidelines implementation with clear at a glance information and detailed reports.
  • Clear interface with laminate definition tables and straight forward summary.
  • Subcomponents can be copied by simple drag and drop.
  • Materials and laminates can be replaced by a few clicks.
  • Easy to review Reserve factors to check Fail and Pass per component.
  • Scantling with ISO pressure override to suit further needs.
  • Composites product focused.
  • Vessel topology management to compile data in a clear structure.
  • Add manual elements outside of the scantling requirements to consolidate all your structural designs.
  • Component definition based on ply stack approach, Export functionalities for manufacturing drawings.
  • Seamless integration with REPORTSpace Users have the freedom to define their own Bill of Materials and report templates.
  • Export reports in XLS format and PDF formats in standard or custom templates.