SECTIONSpace is a unique composite beam section design tool that supports all materials, giving you the ability to create, design and analyse arbitrary geometries idealized using solid and thin walled sections made of multiple elements, materials and load configurations.

SECTIONSpace makes possible the idealisation of the essential structural beam elements. Predefined section library having geometric templates such as C-shape, box section, L-flange and T-flange saves time when a section has to be created from scratch. Also, the parametric modelling speeds the design iteration significantly.

Import of section shapes via DXF files and a user-friendly graphical interface make analysing the beam section properties very easy. An export of the section mechanical, weight and cost properties is also possible. SECTIONSpace supports any combination of materials and laminates. SECTIONSpace integrates downstream with CMDB and LAMINASpace modules and upstream with FESpace and BoMGen .

Users can evaluate allowable loads (load capacity) or manually apply and check loads combination by defining bending, torsional and shear loads for any section. Engineers can define multiple load cases and post process envelope or ply-by-ply results for all elements under any load case.

Benefits & Features

Benefits Features
  • A user-friendly geometry editor that enables efficient design of beam sections.
  • Create arbitrary sections with layered material via a user-friendly interface that allows viewing stack definitions, defining any loads
  • Seamless upstream and downstream integration with CompoSIDE modules allows quick section property updates
  • Parametric modelling speeds the design iteration significantly
  • Sections properties can be exported in a XLS format
  • Basic section properties calculations included in subscription. Clear and transparent cost for running advanced section design
  • Freedom of design choices by supporting arbitrary section design envelops including geometry materials and loadings
  • Improved efficiency through full integration with other design modules
  • Enhanced quality and consistency through centralized data based architecture with roles and permission access control
  • Web browser user interface allowing efficient geometry creation and editing including basic geometric features and simple and powerful constrains editor
  • Undo and redo
  • Models and results stored on server with lock mechanism to control data consistency
  • Section properties calculation in arbitrary coordinates systems including shear centres
  • Build in Failure and Safety Factor Settings
  • Arbitrary load and allowable loads section response. Access to extensive results including axial and shear strains and stresses, reserve factors, shear flows
  • Powerful we browser results visualization
  • Result export to excel and JPEG
  • Tree based section elements management
  • Plybased section elements definition integrated with cmdb and lamainaspace
  • Upstream integration with fe space and BoMGen
  • Third party software integration through CompoSIDE API