A powerful and intuitive laminate design and management tool based on extended classical laminate theory (CLT) that supports sandwich and single skin laminate evaluation. It features unique functionality to manage laminate families alongside tools that enable you to complete a wide range of strength predictions, load calculations, using integrated safety factors and failure criteria management. The seamless integration with other CompoSIDE modules saved significant time and effort at each design iteration.


The LAMINASpace module is the basic building block of every design process that provides you with a dedicated space to create, modify and analyse the laminates you will use in your projects. You can introduce number of plies and adjust orientation of the materials stored in the CMDB module to create laminates that suit your specific needs. The easy to use user-friendly interface allows to copy, paste, duplicate, edit multiple and group plies, as well as automate sequence type settings. It also provides functionalities to reorder the plies. The properties of these laminates can be analysed and adjusted at any stage of designing and will be automatically updated throughout the modules. By making the calculations automated, LAMINASpace greatly improves your design data consistency and reduces manual data manipulation improving your design process QA.

LAMINASpace provides you with the possibility of reconfiguring or exploring alternative options of the laminates at any point in the design process by just few clicks. Creating multiple sub-laminates using common ply stack definition in the laminate family is simple.

Each searchable laminate family can store a wide range of laminates and sub-laminates with standard physical, mechanical and performance properties. Laminate design notes and sketches documenting assumptions and findings can be recorded by using CompoSIDE integrated wiki that allows you to create a dedicated wiki page for each of your laminate.

Benefits & Features

Benefits Features
  • Reduce laminate creation time and predict laminate mechanical properties
  • Fast-track your laminate creation by intuitive user interface that eases the manipulation of layers
  • Improve design consistency and quality across your projects, teams and business
  • Cost effective as included in the subscription. Multiple people in the project can use it based on the rights
  • Seamless integration with CompoSIDE modules including CMDB material DB
  • Included in the CompoSIDE subscription package
  • Easy to use intuitive user interface in the web browser
  • Requires no installations
  • Maintenance free
  • Advanced function to group laminate families and create sub laminates to design local reinforcement
  • Create project laminate families by using the project material libraries; export your own laminate details into excel pre-formatted template
  • Demonstrates the through thickness behaviour and ability to automatically calculate property parameters such as sandwich stability, critical loading etc.
  • Allows creation of manual loading using integrated safety factors
  • Set roles and access and editing permission and access the activity logs
  • Integrates with third party software via CompoSIDE API