FESpace is an dedicated finite element (FE) module for composite beam and shell structures design and optimisation. Unique features such as freedom of materials, geometry, loading and boundary condition definition that supports composites analysis in terms of strength and stiffness design, makes it easy to model complex composite structures when developing designs.

FESpace facilitates improved design experience while working with layered materials such as composites. The user can perform structural calculations, stiffness and strength predictions, and adjust safety factors and failure settings as required during the design iterations. The upstream integration with CompoSIDE modules such as SECTIONSpace, LAMINASpace and CMDB allows a quick and easy iterative design process.

Models can be created in FESpace from scratch or by DXF or STEP import. Beam section created in SECTIONSpace can be used seamlessly in FESpace. Additionally defined sections can be extruded as shells maintaining the definition of material stack up therefore saving significant time during the design development. Loads and boundary conditions can be applied manually through the user-friendly interface.

The use of the latest visualization technology that shows static and animated results for both nodal and element results makes FESpace a must-have tool for any composite structural designer.

Benefits & Features

Benefits Features
  • A FEA package that facilitates quick design checks thus saving money on expensive FEA software licenses
  • A 3D design environment that integrates seamlessly with other CompoSIDE modules and makes design iterations efficient
  • All FEA functionalities made available to designers during the early stage of your composite projects
  • Automated generation of bill of materials based on your models
  • Predictive analysis of stiffness, strength, safety margins, vibrations and stability of the structure
  • Results can be viewed ply by ply when performing detailed strength analysis
  • Full integration with CMDB, LAMINASpace, SECTIONSpace and BoMGen to allow designers to optimise structures efficiently
  • Bridges to other 3rd party FE software to enable composite engineers to perform nonlinear analysis and other advanced calculations
  • Supports composites panels, beams, 3D grillage frame and shells design
  • Pre-processing – supports STEP and DXF import and allows efficient model creation using web browser based editor (geometry, loads, boundary conditions, Load-cases, Failure settings) and load case preparation
  • Advanced ply and load definitions based on geometrical rules
  • Beam properties can be imported from SECTIONSpace or can be defined manually
  • Load case management with multiple load case handling
  • FE solvers for linear static, modal (with and without presstress) and buckling analysis
  • Post-processing, deflections, reactions and internal forces, stresses, strains and reserve factors calculation for shell and beam elements
  • Ply-by-ply failure analysis
  • User define sensors allow export of results in XLS format for further post-processing and documentation