The CompoSIDE Materials Database (CMDB) is a core CompoSIDE module providing you with integrated composites materials libraries for your organisation. You can introduce materials from the composites materials database included with the module, upload your own data you have developed from testing and use CMDB’s functionality to create your own materials. CMDB interfaces seamlessly with CompoSIDE’s full range of design and engineering modules, so improving your efficiency.


CMDB can incorporate multiple materials data libraries to help you to manage your data. There is the built-in materials library that includes generic composites and other materials data. The company materials library allows you to import and manage your own proprietary materials data. You can also drag and drop materials to populate a projects materials library used for the duration of specific composites development projects. This enables you to use CMDB as a project hub for all members of the project team.

Each searchable material’s database record can store a wide range of standard physical, mechanical and performance properties. To associate other materials data such as standards, test data and manufacturers’ datasheets, you can also use CompoSIDE’s integrated wiki function to create a dedicated wiki page. As well as storing material data, you can use CMDB’s advanced functionality to create new materials, such as plies and layered materials.

Benefits & Features

Benefits Features
  • Reduce composites materials testing costs
  • Fast-track your composites application design, shortening time to market
  • Improve design consistency and quality across your projects, teams and business
  • Maintain control over your users, project members and processes
  • Develop innovative composites solutions by creating unique new materials
  • Maintain quality assurance (QA) and retain control over your data and designs
  • Increase efficiency and productivity by using CMDB as a single hub for materials’ properties
  • Enjoy ongoing new features and upgrades with each new release
  • A powerful and secure materials database that integrates seamlessly with composites design solution CompoSIDE
  • Composites materials design data is included and regularly updated, containing plies, reinforcements, resins, metals, cores, adhesives, and wood
  • Create company and project material libraries; upload/import/export your own materials data
  • Incorporates PLYGen , a micromechanics function to create new ply materials
  • Set roles and access and editing permissions and maintain activity logs
  • Web-based Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery
  • Regular updates and maintenance including new features